Distric Cooling Plant

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Distric Cooling Plant

The district cooling system is based on a centralized cooling plant that cools buildings within its grid with a network of insulated pipes that feeds chilled water to the connected buildings.
District cooling systems are the foundation for sustainable, economic, and urban growth in High Energy Demand areas such as downtown business areas, airports, university campuses, residential towers, and commercial establishments.
District cooling has several advantages, including lower emissions, less use of toxic chemicals, and lower energy use. The usage of District Cooling significantly reduces electrical demands, particularly those that occur during peak demand periods. Because these demands generally coincide with peak cooling demands, this alleviates some of the strain on the power system while also avoiding the increased cost of peak power. When adopting District Cooling for a cluster of buildings, there is an economy of scale, including higher efficiency, stabilized electric loads, and lower costs than individually cooled buildings.



EMCO is one of the leading operators of District Cooling Plants in Qatar, with a Total Operational Capacity of 182,600 RT installed in Nine Centralized Plants serving, Universities, Schools, Libraries, Research&Educational institutes, Recreational facilities, and Commercial and residential buildings.
District Cooling Plants are monitored and controlled using a SCADA system and is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Employees of EMCO are qualified and well-trained in handling the DC Plants with a pipe distribution network of more than 20 kilometres. The strength of EMCO is by carrying out effective Operations, Control and real-time diagnosis through the SCADA system for the DC plants, resulting in higher reliability and lower operating costs. EMCO Operations Team conducts periodic analysis of the Chilled and Condenser Water System and addition of recommended chemical dosing to ensure consistent water quality.
Performance of the plant and Energy Transfer Stations are monitored continuously by a Team stationed at DC Plants 24/7. We operate the plant, resulting in exceptional energy efficiency and ensuring all the Chillers are Operated at the Maximum possible load.


EMCO has an in-house Team for the Maintenance of Centrifugal Chillers, Control Systems, Cooling Towers, MV/LV Panels, Transformers and other associated systems of District Cooling Plants. The in-house Team enables EMCO to provide prompt Response and minimum downtime on critical issues noted during DCP operations.
Reliability Centered Maintenance is implemented for the DC Plant equipment; part of that Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment Such as Pumps and CT-Fans and Real-time analysis with Historical references of recorded parameters predicts failures and prevents equipment downtime. Our Technical Team is well versed in ASME and ISO standards on Vibration Analysis for the diagnosis of defects prior to mitigation.
Periodic Inspection of Condenser Tubes and carrying our Cleaning works used chemicals based on the observation to increase the equipment efficiency. Performing Eddy Current Test based on the schedule to diagnose the status of Tubes and verification with Historical data to predict the failure in advance. EMCO has developed an inhouse Team to overhaul the large-sized Secondary/Condenser Pumps and Propeller Fans of DCP according to OEM recommendations. Successfully implemented energy efficiency techniques for improvement of DCP performance.

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